there is nothing wrong with your computer. do not attempt to adjust your  monitor.  we are controlling transmission. you are about to participate in a great adventure. you are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the inner mind to… here: our misanthropic, meddlesome, misadventurous mirage of mindful meditations.

“what?” you ask. forgive us this unnecessary, righteous, wordy alliteration and sci-fi** quotation in order to indulge with us for but a moment. the about page is a hella important one.  it sets the pace, themes, voice and faithfulness of the audience. it also allows us to introduce ourselves. two urbanites from washington, dc with all our teeth, we measure 12’3 (that’s 3.7338 meters) in collective height and would therefore require at least 3 containers of bubble tape to dwarf us. we do fancy ourselves writers, so whether we gain or lose you, dear reader, this allows us our one demonstrative glory moment, during which (if we play our cards right) you are curious and captivated and at least a little bit intrigued. it’s all about the ratings.

“what?” you ask, you fucking parrot, you. well, pretty polly, we write to you from the depths of some smelly backpacks, the launching pad of our epic journey around the world.  our trek is one well worn, though one not entirely broken in; we are pretty confident that our writings will not be old hat, as we hail to you from the drunken and surly emerald isle to the corners of the far east and the cockles of the dark continent. green with envy, red with rage? why, there’s no need! should you wish to see us live, in person, catch us on  tour at these following venues between April-October 2009:

Summer Tour 2009


FunkMaster Fabun’s Flat
Galway, Ireland



Big-ass Pyramid
Cairo, Egypt
Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs will open


Lucy’s Missing Links
Ethiopia, Africa



Ari’s House Of Blues
Nairobi, Africa
Ladysmith Black Mambazo will open


Electric Factory
Bangkok, Thailand



 The Log Flume
 Hanoi, Vietnam



 City Wok
 Angkor Wat, Cambodia



 9:30 Club
 Vientiane, Laos

The Cure will open


 The Beach
 The Beach, Thailand

Leo and the Dicaprios will open


The Technodrome
Tokyo, Japan

Dimension X will open


The Red Velvet Couch

San Francisco, CA

*dates rumored, and not confirmed.  pre-purchasing tickets is advised; all tickets are subject to change and cancellation, prices and participation may vary.

so there you have it, where we will be and approximately when.  from here on out, you will undoubtedly have expectations. whether we fall flat faced short or we make you feel like you are in our collective back pocket, these stories will prove straight gospel truth, with names unchanged and no repulsive detail spared. now, sit back, relax, BOOKMARK THIS SITE and pour yourself a refreshing arnold palmer as we whisk you away to far away lands with our tales of the inexpressible. 


**highly contested definitve to be addressd at a later juncture.

high flyin' fun

high flyin' fun


5 Responses to “About”

  1. SJ Mazer Says:

    could you let me know if you’re still alive from the flying stunt and where you were? Can’t tell ruth.

  2. I know I am going over after this photo. When did you guys learn to fly a machine?

  3. don’t worry folks, it was last october. but maybe one day this will be our common mode of transport

  4. “**highly contested definitive to be addressed at a later juncture.”

    If you’re referring to what I think you’re referring to, I say SF = speculative fiction.

    I’ve enjoyed the blagh immensely thus far. I know you’ll get sick of writing in it, but I hope you push through it and keep this up! Miss yal

  5. Shady McGrady Says:

    What happened to you guys? Did the couple never make I home? Grandma Ruth, are they all right or what? Did Mikey have a postcoital snack?

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