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each one of you caring individuals have queried at one point or another the rather reasonable if slightly uncouth question ‘how the hell are you 2 able to afford this?’ the most honest response i can give is vague and disappointing, so perhaps more to point is what we don’t do. living in se asia can be moderately done on what the hardened and pretentious backpackers refer to as the shoestring, but it can be further cut by bypassing budget busting beers (after all, we’d much rather get drunk with ya’ll) and faithfully following the adage that most stomach pains can be cured with a little hydrogen two the oxygen. what we certainly do not do is go to quaint vietnamese river towns that are known for their custom tailoring and become seduced by silk shops and cloth closets. no no, we do not daydream nor twirl in the mirror, thinking about how exquisitely exotic this dress with that suit will look debuting during springtime formal affairs (that’s right, the blame is on you, engaged interests). we absolutely do not tourist trek towards the coast and decide to spend 3 days upgrading our underwater skills to an advanced level while splurging on sit down dinners 2 nights out of 4. no, we just simply do not do that, as we are the utmost masters of the mind and of the self. that’s right, dear friends, we do not do these things. and since we now all know that we don’t do them, you folks can delight in your insight and we may shelebrate in our shekels. Continue reading